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the general is a published peer-reviewed undergraduate academic journal based out of Brock University. It serves as a scholarly forum for undergraduate students in history at Brock to engage in critical discourse with a range of intellectual and public debates through historical inquiry.

History is not always about the past. Rather, it is about how we approach it,  represent it, and reproduce it. There are countless books, academic articles, galleries and artworks, and historical documentaries which represent what happened. The job of a historian, however, is not always the same. We read the past with a conscience eye to comprehend social, political, historic, and economic discourses. Such a task is quite complex, but rewarding.

According to Margaret MacMillan in her book The Uses and Abuses of History the field of history is being taken over by amateur historians who offer often inaccurate or simple histories. In her words, “We must do our best to raise the public awareness of the past in all its richness and complexity. We must contest the one-sided, even false, histories that are out there in the public domain.” This process is achieved at Brock University from the guidance of our professors. Thus, the general serves as a showcase of the possibilities of studying history and of the various research being conducted from the minds of Brock history students.

We invite all Brock undergraduates or graduating scholars to submit full-length research articles for the Spring 2016 issue. The submission criteria is as follows:

  • At least a grade of 80% or above
  • 2rd year paper or higher
  • A minimum of 10 pages in length
  • Any student enrolled in an undergraduate humanities program at Brock University can submit an essay as long as it is historical in nature

For all queries, please email us!

Submissions are currently closed. They will reopen in 2017.


We are proud to present you with the inaugural edition of

the general brock university Undergraduate journal of history

Volume I Number 1: April 2016

BUHS Journal 2016

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